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Q: How many provincial soldiers does the broadside report were killed at Lexington?
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How many Briyish soldiers were killed or wounded in the battle of Lexington and Concord?

75 butts

How many soldiers fought at the Battle of Lexington and Concord?

At Lexington, 8 Americans were killed and 10 wounded. At Concord and on the march back to Boston, the Redcoats killed 2 more Americans. When the Redcoats reached Boston, 250 British soldiers had been killed or wounded.

What hardships did the colonists face during the battle of lexington and concord?

a lot of soldiers were killed and wounded .

Which town were soldiers killed in 1st battle of American revolution?

It was the Battle of Lexington and Concord.

How many Americans were killed at the Lexington and became the first deaths of the American revolution?


How many British casualties at Lexington?

95 American casualities total between the two battles. I don't know the individual breakdown of each battle, though.

Who killed rizal?

Literally Rizal was killed by Filipino soldiers! Lower rank soldiers who were the Filipino soldiers killed him because if they won't, higher ranking Spanish soldiers who were at their back will shoot them instead.

Who attacked first in the battle of Lexington and concord?

the first man killed at Lexington & Concord was a black man

Where were the first Americans casualties of the revolutionary war killed?

Crispus Attucks

How many british died during the battle of lexington?

None. The first shot fired in the Revolution was when the British column marched into Lexington, MA, early on the morning of 19 April. The minutemen of Lexington were waiting on the green. After an exchange of volleys, the minutemen dispersed and several were killed and wounded. No British soldiers were killed. Later, the British went on to Concord and a patrol was confronted by minutemen from Acton and Bedford. Shots were exchanged and the first British soldier was killed. The British pulled out of Concord and returned to Boston. All along the way the minutemen fired at them. Many other British and Americans died during this running battle. Your question probably asked for the total killed on this day. Casualties: The British Regiments suffered 19 officers and 250 soldiers killed and wounded. The American losses did not exceed 90 men. Source: See the Link

Who died in the battle of Lexington and concord?

A lot of patriots died. The British soldiers died too.

What were the major battles in Lexington?

If Lexington you are referring to the American Revolution. Then the Battle on Lexington Green was the first skirmish of the American Revolution. The "shot heard around the world" was fired on April 19th 1775 when an unknown shot was discharged. The American colonists and the British soldiers not knowing who fired engaged each other in a fire fight which 8 militia men were killed and one British soldier was wounded.