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what is the main duty of the executive branch

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Q: How many represpentive does our state send to the house?
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How many Represetatives a state can send to the House of Representatives?


How many representatives does our state send to the House?

California: 55


California: 55

How many people from the House of Representatives does Georgia send from state to national?

they are 180 members in the house of representatives

What determines how many representatives a state may send to the House of Representatives?


How many state representatives does GA send to the US house of representatives?

Based on the 2010 Census, there are 14 members of the U.S. House of Representatives from Georgia.

How many represenatives does Tennessee send to the state house of representatives?

Tennessee has 11 electoral votes, so it has 9 representatives.

If a state has four congressional district it send four members to the house of Representatives how many electors does it have representing it at the electoral college?


How many of repesentatives does Alaska send to congress?

As per the Constitution, Alaska is entitled to send two senators to D.C. I do not know how many House Representatives they get to send because I do not know the size of Alaska's population. Alaska has one U.S. House Representative, because of small population. . Each state is guaranteed a minimum of one.

In the state of California can a married mother move child out of state away from father?

Yeah, send them to a realtives house.

How many represenatives does Washington state send to Washington D.C.?

i think two or one but it either depends on how many people there is or its just two Washington State sends nine (9) Representatives or Congressmen to Washington, D.C. where they represent the state in the House of Representatives, or "the House." It also sends two (2) Senators who represent the state in the Senate.

Fewest number of people a state can send to congress?

The fewest number of people that a state can send to Congress is 3. Each state sends 2 Senators and must have at least one Representative in the House.