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Nine !

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Q: How many rulers of aryavarta were uprooted by the samudragupta?
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Why is Samudragupta called the king of hundred battles?

Samudragupta is called king of hundred battles because he won many battles and conquered much of the world.

What is the importance of Allahabad Prashasti?

it has many things about the gupta king, samudragupta.

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Which sources tell us about the Gupta Empire?

There are many inscriptions on stone tablets, clay tablets and gold coins that tell us about the Gupta Age and what happened in those days. There is a pillar in Allahabad that also has inscriptions on information about those days. Coins and literary works also throw light upon the reign of Samudragupta and other rulers of that time. Many foreigners who visited the country at that time had written accounts when they visited the court of the rulers. For e.g., Fa Hien had visited India to study and become a buddhist. He had written an account on his trip to India.

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