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Congress is made up of the House of Representatives and the Senate. There are 100 senators in Congress which are two from each state.

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Q: How many senators are there in cogress?
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How many sentadors are ther in cogress?

each state has two senators, which would make 100 in congress

How many representatives are in cogress?


Who is your cogress?

If you mean congress, that would be a lawmaking body.

How many STATE senators are there How many US senators are there?

2 state senators and there are 100 us senators 2 for every state

How many senators has Arizona had?

30 senators

How many U.S senators are there?

100 Senators

How many senators are in the congress?

100 senators!

How many senators are there in Texas?

2 senators

How many senators are in Romania?

183 senators

How many senators are there in Alabama?

There are 5 senators in Montgumery Alabamathere are two senators.

How many senators are from Ohio?

Two US Senators and 33 State Senators.

How many Senators of the Philippines?

There are 24 Senators but currently only 23 Senators.