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ancient egyptians' obelisks had 4 sides, like the one in Washington DC, but it can differ.

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Q: How many sides does an obelisk have?
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How many sides does obelisk have?


What is the difference between a pyramid and an obelisk?

A pyramid is a squared cone structure having four sides. An obelisk is a tall, two sided structure having inscriptions in Egyptian hieroglyphics on it. An obelisk is the equivalent today of a highway billboard.

Who constructed the Obelisk?

I don't know who constructed the obelisk because you are not asking specifically WHICH obelisk. There are many obelisks in the world to choose from.

How many stairs does the obelisk have?

240 steps

How would you use obelisk in a sentence?

The Washington Monument is a fine example of an obelisk. Just look at that obelisk!

What stand on either side of the gate at the entrance of many Egyptian temples?

Three possible objects an obelisk, a statue usually of the Pharaoh and of a god who always seemed to look like the Pharaoh.

What is a 6 sided obelisk called?

hexagonal obelisk

What part of speech is the word obelisk?

Obelisk is a noun.

Who is more powerful Obelisk Slifer or Ra?


What infamous Roman emperor had an Egyptian obelisk shipped to Rome in 40 AD?

Several Roman emperors had obelisks brought to Rome from Egypt. Augustus brought two obelisks, the Flaminian Obelisk and Solar Obelisk, from Heliopolis in 10 BC Caligula brought the the Vatican Obelisk in 40 AD. It had been brought from Karnak to Alexandria of Egypt by Augustus in 30-28 BC The Piazza Navona Obelisk was brought from Sais by Domitian The Pincian Obelisk was brought by Hadrian The Minervan pair of obelisks were brought by Diocletian The Lateranense Obelisk was brought from Amun by Constantius II The Matteian Obelisk was unearthed in the 14th century, the Macutean Obelisk in 1373 Dogali Obelisk in 1833. We do not know who brought them to Rome

What is the atk of obelisk the tormentor?

Obelisk the Tormentor has 4000 ATK.

When was Wychbury Obelisk created?

Wychbury Obelisk was created in 1758.