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In 1819, Missouri's application for statehood raised the issue of slavery. Henry Clay had advocated gradual emancipation in Kentucky in 1798, asserting that slavery was known to be an enormous evil. He later came to terms with the institution in practice - owning, buying, and selling slaves - but was never reconciled to it in principle. When he died he owned some 50 slaves. In his will, Clay ordered that his remaining slaves be distributed among his family but provided that all children born of these slaves after January 1, 1850, should (at age 25 for females and 28 for males) be liberated and transported to Liberia. In 1816, Clay was one of the founders of the American Colonization Society, which promoted sending freed slaves to Africa. The racism which he shared with most Americans was an important motivation in the society. His racism was not, however, restricted to African Americans; he also said Native Americans were "not an improvable breed," and that they were not "as a race worth preserving."

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Yes, even though Henry Clay was against slavery he still owned many slaves. Owning slaves was a sign of wealth, which Clay obviously had.

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50 when he died

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Q: How many slaves did Henry Clay own?
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