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Maine has 35 State Senators.

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Maine IS a state!!

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Q: How many states are in Maine?
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How many states obtained statehood before Maine?

There were already 22 US States when Maine joined the Union.

How many states are one syllabale?


How many states have 2 or more syllables?

All but Maine.

States with five letters in their name?

47, all of them except Iowa, Ohio, and Utah. If you mean how many have exactly 5 letters in their names, then it is 3: Idaho, Maine, and Texas.

How many states in the US has 2 or more syllables?

All but Maine.

What states has more saltwater shoreline then the others California Maine Texas or North Carolina?

Maine, due to its many coves

How many states from Maine to New York City?

There are 5 (five) states between Maine and New York City.From Maine to New York they are as follows:1. New Hampshire2. Vermont3. Massachusetts4. Rhode Island5. Connecticut

How many states touch only 1 other state?

Maine; Alaska and Hawaii border none. Alaska and Hawaii border none. Maine borders one state - New Hampshire.

What is the name of the states borders only one other state?

Maine maine maine maine maine :d

How many states does New Hampshire border?

Three - Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont.

How many states only have five letters in there name?

Idaho, Maine, Texas.

How many states have 5 letter names?

Three U.S. states have five letter names. The states are Idaho, Maine and Texas.