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attur , nilakottai , nattam ,vedasanthur,dindigul, oddanchatram, kodaikanal and palani

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Q: How many taluk in Nilgiris District?
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What is the population of Nilgiris district?

Nilgiris district's population is 735,071.

When was Nilgiris district created?

Nilgiris district was created in 1882-02.

How many taluk in kanyakumari district?

Four taluk in kanyakumarai district vilavancode kalkulam aghesdeswaram thovalai

Do they have electricity in Chembakolli?

Yes, there is electricity in Chembakolli. This is a village in Gudalur Taluk, The Nilgiris. It is surrounded by forests in the south of India.

Who is the district collector of Nilgiris district?

archana patnaik

What is the definition of taluk?

Taluk is a sub-division of a district in South Asia

What village is chembakoli in?

Chembakolli is a small village located in Gudalur Taluk, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu. It is in the south of India which is surrounded by forests.

What is the land like in chembakolli?

Chembakolli is a village in Gudalur Taluk, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu. The fertile land located south of India is surrounded by forests.

How many taluks in kodagu?

kodlipet taluk somwarpet taluk madikeri taluk virajpet taluk siddapura taluk

Can you tell the taluk wise population in villupuram district?

birth rate in villupuram District

What does the Thai word taluk mean?

"Taluk" in Thai refers to a subdivision of a larger administrative district, similar to a sub-district in English. It is often used in official administrative contexts in Thailand.

Which is small block and taluk of Tamil nadu?

Sengottai (shencottah) Taluk and sengottai block is the smallest in tamilnadu state of Tirunelveli district