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Each state has its own rules. Normally (48 of 50 states), the governor serves for four years, but in New Hampshire and Vermont, it is only 2 years.

For example, California elects governors every four years; they are elected the same year as the Presidential elections. But many states elect governors in the years when there is no Presidential election.

There used to be more states with two-year terms but they have gradually changed to 4 years.

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How many terms are allowed for the position of a state governor?

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Q: How many terms are allowed for the position of a state governor?
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What city was Obama governor of?

You're mixing terms. A governor is the top position in a state government, while a city has a mayor. Obama was neither.

How many times can you be elected governor?

One term is four years. In Texas,one can run a unlimited number of times however.

Was Sam Houston a governor?

He was elected as a Tennessee Congressman in 1822 and served in that position for two terms from 1823 to 1827.He did not seek reelection, but ran for and won the position of Tennessee Governor.

Is the position of Michigan Governor term limited?

The Michigan Governor is term limited; two 4 year terms.

How many terms can a governor serve for in Washington?

two 2nd Answer: There are no limits to the number of terms a governor may serve in the State of Washington. ("Two" is the maximum number of terms the President of the US may serve.)

How many times can a governor or lieutenant governor be elected?

depends on the state, not all states have a lieutenant governor.

Who had two terms as state superintendent of education and was elected governor in 1923 and worked as governor to improve education in the state?

Henry Whitfield

What is Governor's terms in Virginia?

Like most State governors the term for a Virginia Governor is 4 years.

How many terms can a NYS governor serve?

Those elected to the position of governor in the state of New York may serve an unlimited number of four-year terms. New York is one of 12 states, plus Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico with this type of gubernatorial term.

How long is a governors term?

A single term as Missouri governor consists of 4 years. Alternatively one could run for reelection and find themselves with eight years however the governor is still limited to only 2 terms.

What position did William McKinley do?

President of the United States was McKinley's highest position. Before that he was governor of Ohio and served six terms in the US Congress.

Was Obama ever Governor of any state?

Obama was never elected governor. he served as a state senator from Illinois (and served three terms); he then served as a U.S. senator.