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0 times, none, nada, zip.

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Q: How many times does the declaration of independence refer to parliament?
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How many times did it take Jefferson to write the Declaration of Independence?

I Think About A Year. Because The Declaration Of Independence Was Being Made 1776.

How many times does the word liberty appear in the declaration of independence?

The word 'liberty' appears once in the United States Declaration of Independence. The declaration was ratified on July 4, 1776.

Where is the Declaration of Independence held at?

It was argued by members of the Xecond Continental Congress in the Pennsylvania Statehouse, later re-named Independence Hall, in Philadelphia, Pennsylcania.

Did Benedict Arnold sign the Declaration of Independence?

Benedict Arnold did not sign the Declaration of Independence.

How many times is King George mentioned in the declaration of independence?


How many times are the words US written in the Declaration of Independence?

Once. The United States of America is mentioned in the final section.

How many times did Thomas Jefferson have to rewrite the declaration of independence?

as many times as he screw your mom

How many times is the word 'God' used in the Declaration of Independence?

Once -- in the first paragraph.

How many times does the term US appear in the Declaration of Independence?

Zero times. It wasn't used in 1776 when it was written.

Who was the president of Continental Congress?

John Hancock was the president ofthe Continental Congress.He was also the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence.

Did the Declaration of Independence actually declared independence?

Yes. It begins by declaring that all people have certain unalienable rights (life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness) and, according to the philosophy of John Locke, the people had the right to revolt against a government that denies them any of these rights. The Declaration of Independence then lists the various reasons why the British government had violated these rights, to show that their declaration was justified. The Declaration of Independence is legendary among all essays, and often times countries looking to revolt more often than not look to the Declaration of Independence as a model for justifying their revolt.

A teacher wants a large poster of the Declaration of independence that is three times its actual size What are the dementions of the poster What is the area of the poster?

A large poster of the Declaration of Independance is 36 x 24. Three times this size is 108 x 72