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Unless you want your name printed on the ballot, you do not need any signatures. Write-in votes are allowed in most , if not all states. If you want to be on the ballot,the number of signatures required varies from state to state from 5000 to something like 45,000. You have to file a separate petition in each state, and of course all signatures must be valid and verifiable. You usually would need to have at least 20% more than the required minimum. You also have to pay a fee in most states. The wikipedia link gives more details.

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If a U.S. Senator wants to run for President of the United States, he must go through the electoral procedures of any other candidate for President of the United States.

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Senators are elected by direct popular vote. In order to win, you need one more vote than any of your opponents. That number varies depending on the number of voters in the state.

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Q: How many votes does the senator need to run for president?
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How many votes does Donald trump and Clinton?

To become president they need 265 electoral votes.

How many votes do you need to become president and how many total votes are there?

Since 1964 the winner needs 270 out of 538.

In 1912 how many electoral votes did a candidate need to be elected president?


Do president need to have electoral and popularity votes?

No, they only need to have a majority in electoral votes to win.

Does the electoral college decide the next president?

No the next president is decided by the amount of electoral votes the candidate gets. They need to have so many electoral votes to win the elections.

How many votes does Congress need to pass laws over the president's veto?


What portion of votes does a candidate need to become president?

More than 300 votes.

How many electoral collage votes do you need to become the us president?

To be declared the winner, a candidate needs at least 270 electoral college votes.


A candidate needs 270 electoral votes to be declared President of the United States. Indiana has 11 electoral votes.

How many electoral votes does a president need to be nominated?

A presidential candidate needs at least 270 electoral votes to be nominated.

How many votes does the presedential nominee need to be president?

i am not sure but probrably more than half the population of the country

Does the president need a majority of the electoral votes or the majority of the popular vote to win?

majority on electoral votes