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There are over 8,500 precincts in Texas. I have been unable to find the exact number.

Travis county, in the 1960s, had one precinct that consisted of 60% of Travis county's population while another precinct in the same area comprised on 6%.

One precinct in the City of Midland contained 97% of the citizens. The 3% that were left populated the remaining 3 districts. (Texas Politics by Newell/Prindle)

As you can see, the size of precincts varies and is this variation is largely unchecked.

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Q: How many voting precincts in Texas?
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How many voting precincts are there in Colorado?

Colorado has sixty-four counties and thus sixty-four voting precincts.

How many delegates does precinct 3500 in dallas Texas have?

Dallas, Texas has 775 voting precincts in total. Each precinct, including precinct 3500, has exactly one precinct chair. The precinct chair is in charge of all grassroots campaigns and events in that voting precinct.

What are voting districts called?

The voting districts are called precincts. The precinct is an enclosed space using walls or it can be an imaginary boundary around the place.

Wow many voting precincts are in west Virginia?

650 - Congressional District 1 559 - Congressional District 2 639 - Congressional District 3

How are wards and precincts parts of the local part organization?

Wards and precincts serve as important voting districts for local party organizations. While wards and precincts are mainly associated with the Democratic party, Republicans have also tapped into these areas during primary and general elections.

Could you vote in 1965 if you were 18?

Not in most (if any) United States precincts. The voting age in the US was twenty-one until 1972.

Are you required to present identification when voting in an election in Texas?

Yes, you are required to present identification when voting in an election in Texas.

When does Texas early voting begin?

Early voting in Texas in November begins 17 days before the election date.

What is the job of a precincts?

A precinct captain helps with voter registration, distribution of literature and other promotional efforts, and helps voters get absentee ballots or get to the voting booths on election day.

Why is there a desire for federal legislation to protect voting?

There is a NEED to protect voting rights. Some states are passing laws to restrict people from voting and making sure there are not voting precincts in the poorest areas of cities. Some of the laws reflect the old Jim Crow laws and going back over 60 years in voting rights. Since this is the case and by court rulings under the civil rights voting act the federal government is designated to protect voting rights.

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What part of speech is precincts?

Precincts is a noun (plural form of precinct).