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There were a few dozen separate battles and campaigns within the war. The Chickamauga War, an Indian war primarily in East Tennessee, continued sporadically until 1794. The Anglo-Spanish War ran from 1779 to 1783 as Spain, like France, supported the American colonies. The similar Fourth Anglo-Dutch War ran from 1780 to 1784.

Other wars occurring during the same time period (1775-1783) were:

- Pugachev's Rebellion (Russian Empire, 1774-1775)

- Burmese-Siamese war (SE Asia, 1775-1776)

- First Anglo-Maratha War (Great Britain in colonial India 1775-1782)

- Spanish-Portuguese War (1776-1777)

- War of the Bavarian Succession (Austria vs Prussia, 1777-1779)

- First Xhosa War (Great Britain in colonial South Africa, 1779-1781)

- Second Anglo-Mysore War (Great Britain vs France and Mughal India, 1779-1784)

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There were seven major ones, the names of which i dont remember.

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Q: How many wars happened during the Revolutionary War?
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