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Q: How many winning campaigns must presidential candidates conduct?
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Would the governor of Virginia have to resign office to run for vice president?

Yes but only after winning the presidential-vice presidential election, the Governor would have to resign his position prior to taking office as VP.

What are the democratic and Republican national conventions?

The Democratic and Republican National convententions are where the delegates of each party meet to nominate their Presidential and Vice-Presidential nominees. The nominees get delegates by winning each state's primary or caucus.

How does a candidate receive electoral votes in any given state?

Most states appoint their electors on a winner-take-all basis, based on the statewide popular vote on Election Day. Maine and Nebraska are the only two current exceptions. Maine and Nebraska distribute their electoral votes proportionally, with two at-large electors representing the statewide winning presidential and vice-presidential candidates and one elector each representing the winners from each of their Congressional districts.

Who is the only president ever reelected after defeat?

Cleveland lost his re-election bid in 1888 but won again in 1992. Nixon ran for president and lost in 1960 but won in 1968 and again in 1972. Jackson lost in a 4-man race in 1824, then won in 1828 and again in 1832. Jefferson came in second in 1796 but won in 1800 and 1804. I think these are all the losing presidential candidates who came back to win. Lincoln, Hayes and maybe others lost an election before winning the big one. Also, William Henry Harrison lost to Martin Van Buren in 1836 but beat him in 1840.

How do you become nominated as a US President-elect?

He/she must get the most votes and must be chosen by the Electoral College. must be on the ballot in each state,have a slate of delegates pledged in each state but the BEGINNING starts at the local party nominating conventions proceeds to district then state then national nominating conventions or thru state primary

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How many winning campaigns must presidential candidates?


The most important resource that most groups give congressional candidates is?

financial support. Campaigns can be expensive, and groups such as political action committees (PACs), special interest groups, and party committees often provide contributions to candidates to help fund their campaigns. This financial support enables candidates to run effective campaigns, advertise, and reach a wider audience, thus increasing their chances of winning elections.

Has a President ever won an election without carrying their home state?

No- winning presidential candidates have always carried their home states. In fact, losing candidates almost always carry their home states.

What is a key state?

A key state refers to a state in the United States that holds significant influence in determining the outcome of a presidential election due to its large number of electoral votes or a close margin between the two major political parties. These states are often targeted by candidates during campaigns as winning them can sway the overall election results.

Who are three presidential candidates in the last fifty years that have been elected President without winning the state of California?

George W. Bush, 2000 and 2004Jimmy Carter, 1976JFK, 1960Google Dave Leip's Atlas of Presidential Elections. It shows all past presidential election results.

What specific candidates have a difficult time winning electoral votes?

Third party candidates have a difficult time winning electoral votes

What is a spoiler in a presidential election?

The spoiler is a political candidate (sometimes of a third party) who has little to no chance of winning an election but can still decide the fate of an election by taking votes away from other candidates.

What do presidential candidates who finish second and third in the primaries get?

Officially, people who finish in second or third in the primaries don't win anything. However, these individuals are often picked to run with the winning candidate as vice-president.

What is a sentence using the word inauguration?

They will inaugurate the winning candidates on the first of January.

Who is the man most responsible for James K. Polk winning the presidency?

In all presidential campaigns there are hundreds of people who help the winning candidate succeed. Andrew Jackson was probably the most famous Polk supporter in 1844. Franklin Pierce helped him carry NH and was offered a position in Polk's cabinet.

What is the US called if the only candidates who have a reasonable chance of winning an election are either Republican or Democratic?

When the only candidates who have a reasonable chance of winning an election are one of two parties, this is generally referred to as a two party system. The US is an example of a two party system in which the only candidates who stand a reasonable chance of winning are Republican or Democratic.

Who was not a whig candiate for president in 1836?

In the US presidential election of 1836, Democrat Martin Van Buren defeated Whig William Henry Harrison. (The same two candidates ran against each again in 1840, with Harrison winning.)