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Q: How many written opinions has Clarence Thomas issued?
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Thomas Jefferson the principal author of the declaration of independence appears on what coin?

Actually, Thomas Jefferson has appeared on 3 US coins: the Jefferson nickel first issued in 1938 and continues today, the Jefferson Presidential Dollar issued in 2007 and the Thomas Jefferson 250th Anniversary Dollar issued in 1993.

What accomplishments did Thomas Edison earn?

he was issued 1,093 patents

Who issued the virginia statute of religious freedom?

Thomas Jefferson

What do you call an opinion written by the president?

I suppose you could call it a white paper. Modern presidents mostly announce their policy decisions in speeches and give their opinions in interviews with reporters and in press conferences. Position papers are issued during the election campaigns.

How many inventions did Thomas Edison invent?

I believe the final count was 1093 patents issued to Tom.

What US Supreme Court justice is over the 11th Circuit?

According to the most current Allotment Order, issued June 29, 2010, Justice Clarence Thomas is responsible for the Eleventh Circuit.The Court is expected to issue a new Allotment Order soon to include recently seated Justice Kagan; however, she is more likely to assume one, or possibly both (less likely) of Justice Stevens' Circuits, the Sixth and Seventh. These are currently covered by Justices Thomas and Breyer, respectively. Thomas is likely to retain the Eleventh, unless he requests one or both of Stevens' prior Circuits.

What is a writ?

A writ is a written order issued by a court, ordering someone to do something.

In what year was Thomas Edison put on a coin?

The U.S. issued a $1 commemorative coin in 2004. It was sold to collectors only and does not circulate.

How many formal written decisions has the Supreme Court made per year?

The US Supreme Court issues fewer than one hundred full opinions per year, but the exact number varies. 2009 Term.............currently 81 cases argued or scheduled for argument or reargument (originally 85) 2008 Term.............83 2007 Term.............70 (3 cases dismissed before arguments) 2006 Term.............75 2005 Term.............87

1935 two dollar bill?

First issued in 1862 with Alexander Hamilton on front; in 1869, reissued with Gilbert Stuart's portrait of Thomas Jefferson New issue introduced in 1976, in honor of US bicentennial Last issued in 2003

How many cases did the US Supreme Court hear in the 2008-2009 Term?

The US Supreme Court issued:87 Opinions in the 2005-2006 Term75 Opinions in the 2006-2007 Term73 Opinions in the 2007-2008 Term83 Opinions in the 2008-2009 TermThese numbers do not include In Chamber Opinions and other motions, but do include Per Curiam decisions.

What has the author Andrew James Campbell Allen written?

Andrew James Campbell Allen has written: 'The protestation issued by the English Romanists in 1788 ..'