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It is estimated that there is about 3.5 billions tons of undiscovered copper in the world. Copper has been rising in value for the past several years.

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Q: How much copper is there in the world?
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How much copper is left in the world?

It is estimated that there are about 5.6 trillion pounds of known copper reserves left in the world. However, the total amount of copper resources, which includes undiscovered deposits and unconventional sources, is much higher. The exact amount of copper left in the world will depend on future discoveries and advancements in mining technology.

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Much of the world's copper is contained in which mineral ore?

The largest source of copper is from porphyry ore.

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Where in the world is there a lot of copper?

The most copper in the world appears to lie around the Pacific Rim. Much of it is down the west coast of North and South America. The country that takes most advantage of this is Chile.Although there are copper mines in Canada, USA, Mexico and Peru, the six largest copper mines in the world are all in Chile

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What country produces the most copper in the world?

Chile is the world's largest producer of copper by far.

Is Zambia in the top ten largest copper producers in the world?

Zambia is currently 8th in world copper production, turning out just 10% of what Chile does. - A long drop from the thirdposition they held before independence.

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