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Q: How much did the price of beef rise because of inflation during the American Revolution?
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What caused the dollar to be devalued during the American Revolution?

Simply, Inflation of printing too much paper money for weapons during the war.

Was inflation a big problem during the revolutionary war?

Inflation was a big problem for Americans during the Revolution

What does the phrase Not worth a Continental mean?

It refers to the money that was issued during the American Revolution. Because it had no backing in hard currency, inflation set in, the continental dollar fell in value, and became worth very little.

Was inflation a big problem during revolution war?

helllo evrybody

Why did the British counterfeit American currency during the American revolution?

because they felt like it

During the American Revolution what were the colonists doing?

During the american revolution the colonists regulated trade and taxes since the American Revolution was precipitated.

During the time of the American Revolution why was it better to travel by water?

The reason it was better to travel by water during the American Revolution is because the roads weren't so even. They were narrow and rough.

Why did most floridians support Britain during the American revolution?

because they was the best

Whose side was Arkansas on during the American Revolution?

Arkansas was not even a state during the American Revolution.

Why Should i be a patriot during the American revolution?

Because 'murica got its freedom from the patriots

Who was the governor of the Louisiana during the American Revolution?

The governor of Louisiana during the American Revolution was Bernardo de Galez

What two locations did African Americans settle during the American Revolution?

what two location did african american settle during the american revolution