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over 127,000 dollars

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Q: How much does a sniper cost?
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How much does a barett sniper rifle cost cost?


How much a m82 sniper rifle would cost?

$ 9000

How much does the T68 paintball tactical sniper cost?

There are many T68 "sniper" models. most of them are 500+ dollars.

How much is the L96 air soft sniper in Ireland?

i leave in ilreland and a l96 airsoft sniper will cost you $400

How much does a military grade intervention sniper rifle cost?


How much is a Yamaha sniper 135cc?

Yamaha sniper cost around usd$1900you can check at http://www.YamahaT135.COM for details

How much does an m82 sniper rifle cost?

Roughly $9,000, plus a few thousand for the optics.

How much sniper gun cost?

A "sniper gun" is any gun used by a sniper. A high quality precision rifle starts around $1500 that's not to say you can't buy a $600-$700 Remington 700 or savage 110 and shoot it very well.

How much does sniper ghost warior cost?

Anywhere from $14 for PC on Amazon to $50 for PS3 on eBay. It really just depends on what system and where you buy.

How much does a svu sniper rifle cost?

The cost of a sniper rifle can vary greatly depending on the specific model, brand, and any additional features or accessories. However, generally speaking, a high-quality sniper rifle can range from several thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. It is important to note that purchasing a sniper rifle may be subject to local laws and regulations.

How much does a sniper?

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How much does an standard military grade m40a3 sniper rifle cost?

for one you nor any civilian can buy any current military grade weapons you can buy close to military grade and they cost from $1200 and up