How much is a 2 cent stamp?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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20 cents

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A two cent stamp is worth two cents of postage if it hasn't been used. To a collector, most 2 cent stamps are going to be worth a few cents. It will cost more to catalog, price and store the stamp then it is worth to a dealer. But there are a very few that are worth a lot of money if you know the perforations, color variations, paper variations, printing process, watermarks and condition grading systems and can find it in the catalog.

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Scott US#2105

This stamp was first issued in 1984. It can be purchased online from a dealer for 15 cents used and $1.20 mint. The nominal price indicates that it is of little value to a dealer.

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This a common US commemorative stamp.

Its retail value in good condition - no missing perforations or thin spots and full gum if unused and lightly canceled if used -- is from 10 to 20 cents retail.

Mint around 30 cents.

Wholesale, the value is 50 cents to 75 cents in lots of 100 for used stamps

Unused about 65% of face if you have enough unused stamps to make it worth a dealer's time.

Full sheets and plate number blocks can often be sold for full face and maybe 20% more.

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Q: How much is a 2 cent stamp?
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The lowest value US stamp was the 1/2 cent. A couple different versions were issued.

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2 cents. Unless the stamp is a collector's item (which very few are), an un-circulated U.S. stamp retains the same value as the day it was sold.

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This stamp is Scott number 1845. It can be purchased for about 20 cents used and in mint condition.

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