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In terms of legal tender, they aren't worth anything anymore due to no longer being a currency. Historically, exchange rates were fixed as followed:

This currency = this many Reichsmarks

Belgian franc = 0.1

Bohemian and Moravian koruna = 0.1

British Pound = 5

Bulgarian lev = 32.75

Danish krone = 1

Dutch gulden = 1.5

French franc = 0.05

Italian lira = 0.1

Luxembourg franc = 0.25

Norwegian krone = 0.6

Polish złoty = 0.5

Serbian dinar = 0.004

Slovak koruna = 0.1

Ukrainian karbovanets = 0.1

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$0, because they don't have value anymore. Just hisoric memory of the Third Reich, it has hisorical value... other than that's just paper.

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Q: How much is a Reichsmark worth today?
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