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The soldiers were payed very little. So little that 10 dollars was almost double their pay

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3 dollares

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Q: How much money were the continental soldiers paid?
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Did the redcoats or the continental soldiers get paid more?

The Continental Soldiers got paid very little. So little that 10 dollars was like their double pay. The Redcoats got paid with gold coins.

How much money do the typical soldiers get paid monthly?

£500 for new £1000 for others xx

How much money does a soldier in the us army make a year?

some soldiers get paid alot

Why were the American soldiers angry at the continental Congress after the British surrendered?

They weren't paid.

How did soldiers get paid in World War 2?

In the UK and continental Europe they got paid in the currency of the country they were stationed in.

How much did Nazi soldiers get paid?

I am sure they were paid pretty heavy, they also were allowed to take the Jews belongings, houses, money, etc.( i mean, who is there to stop them)

Do soldiers get money?

Yes. Being a Soldier is a paid job.

What is a sum of money paid to soldiers who join the army?


How much did American soldiers get paid in the 1850s?

They were paid approximately $13.

Why didnt the government supply enough food and equipment to the continental army?

The states had the responsibility to determine how the clothing, food, and other financial aspects were to be paid for the Continental Army soldiers. These states disagreed on how the money to pay for these obligations would be obtained leaving shortages on supplies, shelter, clothing, and other necessities for the soldiers. Congress did not have the power to raise taxes to pay for them.

How much were Canadian soldiers paid in ww1?

$100 dollars for every three days of service were paid to their families or directly to the soldiers. Love you.....

How was the Continental Army paid?

They got paid by paper money. Whitch was worth nothing because no precious metal backed it up.