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two thirds

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Q: How much of the congress has to pass a constitutional amendment?
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What did the south feared the antislavery states would do?

use their majority in Congress to pass a law/Constitutional amendment ending slavery

What amendment did Congress pass in 1865 and what did the amendment do?

The amendment that Congress passed in 1865 was the Thirteenth amendment and it banned slavery in the United States.

What president urged Congress to pass the Women's Suffrage Amendment?

The proposed amendment was passed by Congress while Woodrow Wilson was President. I don't think Wilson pushed for it much.

Which amendment allowed congress to pass an income tax?

16th amendment

In what year did congress pass the Equal Rights Amendment?


What percentage of the states must ratify a constitutional amendment for it to pass?

i think 17

Who helped pass the eleventh amendment?

Congress passed the 11th amendment on March 4, 1794.

What allows congress to pass news to help define or clarify unclear provisions?

An amendment allows Congress to pass new laws to help define or clarify unclear provisions. An amendment is an addition to what is already printed.

Could congress pass a law that would reduce the number of senators from the state of Rhode Island to one?

The number of senators per state is a provision of the US constitution and it therefore can only be changed by a constitutional amendment. Congress would be able to propose such an amendment, if it wished to do so, but the amendment would have to be ratified by the state legislatures before it would become part of the constitution.

Mechanism is used to propose constitutional amendments?

There are two specified mechanisms whereby an amendment to the U.S. Constitution can be proposed. The States can convene a constitutional convention or both houses of Congress can pass an amendment by supermajority and send it to the State legislatures for ratification.

When did the US congress pass the cooper church amendment?

cooper church amendment

How many states are needed to pass a Constitutional amendment today?

38 states or more