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The famine killed which food source

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Q: How nutritonal was the food at the time of the potato famine?
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Which example describes migration caused by overcrowding?

"Migration due to overcrowding" is somewhat misleading, as lack of room has never been a critical issue on a large scale. much more prevalent has been shortages of food or other critical resources, which are the root cause of many migrations, for instance, during the Irish Potato famine which caused many to flee from Ireland to the United States due to the Starvation and ruined economy in Ireland at the time

What food did early humans eat?

The early Europeans ate a variety of different food items. The food they ate depended on the time of year, usually it was berries, fish, or any kind of animal meat possible. They struggled through finding food as winter approached but usually made it through.

What kinds of food did civil war soldiers eat?

ANSWER:During the Civil War, food supplies were delivered by wagons. Trains would carry large quantities of food to the stations, the men would fill the wagons, and would take the food to where the troops were stationed at the time.

How did the pioneers store food?

they usually collect ice from winter time and create a big block of ice and keep it in a storage room and kept food with it. That would usually last on till next winter time. And a way of storing meat, is to rub salt on them and hang them. (this would prevent rotting, diseases, and bugs from going in to it.

How does public health care improvements during the progressive era still impact America?

So, at the time of the Progressive Era, major changes that were made relating to public health care were regulation of the meat packing industry, as well as the regulation of the Food and Drug industries. The Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 banned interstate shipping of impure food and deliberate mislabeling of food and drugs. The Meat Inspection Act of 1906 required federal inspection of meat processing to ensure sanitary conditions. Both these acts are still active, and they have really changed the way we eat and our standards not only with food, but also with the pharmaceutical industry. Although the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) was developed later, this was the start. In these ways, the reforms of the Progressive Era affect our everyday lives, in a good way. This was also the start of health insurance, which some regard as good and others say is bad. Take it however you wish.

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The great famine was a time of widespread starvation in ierland caused by the distruction food source?

The potato.

How did the irish famine happen?

The potato crop got potato blight which destroyed the potatoes. Because it was the main food in Ireland at that time, many people began to starve. The famine lasted from about 1845 to 1852.

What occurred in Ireland from 1845-1848?

The potato famine.The potato famine.The potato famine.The potato famine.The potato famine.The potato famine.The potato famine.The potato famine.The potato famine.The potato famine.The potato famine.

What was the potato famine in Ireland in 1908?

irelands potato famine is a time when all farmers in Ireland are growing wheats and grain. typed by Daniel Wilson

What was life before the grate Irish potato famine?

Once upon a time, before the ahem 'grate' potato famine, farmers were being farmers. Then the ahem 'grate' potato famine yknow happened, and everybody died. Ireland has no knowledge. ...of potatoes.

What was in Ireland between 1845-1847?

The potato famine was in Ireland at that time.

Did the British cause the potato famine in Ireland?

Ireland did not have its own government during the famine. It was still under British rule at that time.

What is a definition of famine?

Famine- a period of time where food is extremely scarce

What does the word famine and drought mean?

Famine is a time of "no food". Drought is a time of "no rain". Drought often brings on famine since lack of water will affect the production of food.

What caused the Irish famine?

According to the Irish, it was not just the failure of the potato crop. It was the fact that the British had taken all their other food - cattle, etc. and so the impact of the potatoe famine was disastrous.

What was the name of the point in time when the Irish migrated westward in America?

Great Irish Potato famine

Why was there a famine in Ireland in the 1840s?

the poorest tenant farmers had become totally dependent on a single crop for survival - the potato in 1845 and for the next 5 years the crop failed almost completely due to potato blight leaving these people with no food, no money to buy food - there was still plenty being exported and a UK government which believed in non intervention