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They were very successful. They wanted the country to have an in-depth constitution and also a way for all the governing powers to keep each other in check.

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Q: How successful was the new Republic in implementing the goals of the Revolution?
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How successful was the Republic in implementing the goals of the Revolution?

During the American Revolutionary Period, the fledgling American Republic can be said to have been entirely successful in implementing the basic goals of the revolution itself. While the new-born United States of America had not yet fully achieved the freedoms that its founding documents so glowingly articulated, its primary goals -- achieving independence and laying a foundation for the maintenance of that independence -- had in fact been accomplished by 1789.

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The French Revolution was to overthrow the aristocracy and create a republic. Yes, it was successful, the royal family were all killed, and France has been a republic ever since.

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The stated goals in the slogan of the French Revolution were liberty and equality, as well as fraternity. The French Revolution took place from 1789 to 1799.

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