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Q: How the executive branch is elected?
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Which elected office is part of the executive branch?

The head of the executive branch is elected. He is the president.

How many elected leaders are part of the Executive Branch?

There are 13 or 538 members of the Executive Branch.

How are people chosen to serve in each branch?

The Judicial Branch is nominated by the Executive Branch, with the concurrance of the Legislative Branch. The Executive Branch are appointed by the President once he has been elected. The Legislative Branch is elected by the people.

How old must you be to get elected for office in the executive branch?

You must be 35 in order to take either of the two elected offices in the executive branch of the US government.

Can you be elected as president twice then elected as something else in the executive branch?


What is the minimum ago to be in the executive branch?

You have to be 35 to be elected President.

How is the Missouri executive branch different from the federal executive branch?

The officials that comprise the Missouri executive branch are highly educated and fairly elected, whereas the federal executive branch is mainly a group of wealthy individuals who coerced a poor populace to vote them into office.

How many times can a person be elected in the executive branch?

4 times

How many elected positions make up the Executive Branch?


What Included an elected legislature and an executive branch with five directors?


Executive branch is elected separate of other officeholders?

Presidential republic

Who appoints top members of the executive branch?

Legal voters vote for the president which tells the electoral collge which cantidate to vote for. Once the president is elected, they appoint his/her cabinet, providing the judicial branch agrees with the appoinent.