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Well, the Chinese people have to eat something.

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Q: How was Chinese food invented?
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What food did the Chinese invent?

The Italian invented Chinese food.

When was Chinese food invented?

It wasn't invented. It developed over centuries of Chinese cooks making dishes, changing them, developing new dishes, etc. As long as there have been Chinese people, there has been Chinese food.

What is the name of a starchy food the Chinese invented?


This word starts with a N it is a food invented by the Chinese?

It may be noodles

When was Chinese food first invented?

about a week ago just after i wet the bed

Who invented the rudder?

The Chinese invented the was invented by the Chinese

What country invented Chinese checkers?

Germany invented Chinese Checkers not the Chinese.

What is the name of a type of starchy food that Chinese invented that starts with n?

This could be noodle.

Chinese things that start with the letter a?

abacus the Chinese invented it

What are explosive devices invented by the Chinese?

The Chinese invented Gunpowder

What type of starchy food that the Chinese invented?

Mainly noodles and rice i would expect xx

Who invented the Chinese pipa?

George Gao has invented the Chinese Pipa.