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I'm actually writing my senior thesis on this so I'm fairly knowledgable about the topic... guerrilla warfare was used in a variety of ways during the American Revolution. Primarily it was used in the small battles of the Southern Colonies. Leaders such as Daniel Morgan's Riflemen or Francis Marion, aka the swamp fox, would hide behind bushes or trees and fire quickly before retreating into area that they knew much better than their British adversaries. These tactics were ultimately effective because the British had little experience fighting against a quick strike enemy, whereas the Americans were used to these tactics thanks to the French and Indian War twenty years before. Also the British were enamored with European style warfare which said that they should stand shoulder to shoulder and fire muskets at each other until one line broke and fled. This new type of warfare brought a new type of soldier and the guerrilla tactics were ideal for the American backwoodsmen. These fighters grew up shooting for their dinner, literally. They had a huge advantage having rifles which spin the bullet out of the chamber for increased accuracy and distance. Their main weapon of choice was the Kentucky Long Rifle, which was used by Morgan's riflemen to pick off enemy combatants over two hundred yards away accurately. Guerilla fighters would pick off small groups on sentry duty, or would harrass supply lines making it almost impossible to communicate across distance. Mainly they would fire one or two shots a piece at a platoon before disappearing back Into the Woods.

this is pretty much how they fought, quick hits and knowing the terrain... if you have any other questions.. post away

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The guerilla warfare strategy was a soldier who weakens the enemy with surprise raids and hit-and-run attacks.

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Q: How was geurrilla warfare used in the American Revolution?
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How were the American colonies able to defeat the superior forces of the British during the American revolution?

The Americans were fighting for a cause and because they used guerrilla warfare.

Why was the American Revolution atypical?

The Americans used forms of ambushes and sabatoges, as well as scattered firing. The British were used to clean warfare of straight lines firing at each other.

This South Carolinian responsible for many successful attacks against the British during the American Revolution used guerrilla warfare as his main battle tactic?

Francis Marion

When was guerrilla warfare used in the revolutionary war?

guerilla warfare was used in the revolution in lexington and concord. when the british came running back to boston american militia men shot them from behind trees and rocks. instead of standing straight infront of each other and shooting

What were the weapons in trechwarfare?

The Trench Warfare occurred when a revolution in firepower was not matched in the 1700s. The weapons that were used in the Trench Warfare were swords, clubs, and guns.

In which countries has guerrilla warfare been used against the government?

Guerrilla warfare has been used against governments since ancient times. Guerrilla warfare was practiced in North America where these tactics were used in the American Revolution as well as by Native Americans fighting the U.S. government for their territory. In the 20th century, just a few examples include guerrilla warfare in Vietnam, the Soviet war in Afghanistan, the Irish War of Independence, and the Kosovo War.

Why did the Americans defeat the British in the American Revolution?

Americans used guerrilla warfare tactics to drive the British to the coast. The french, although late, prevented the British from retreating to sea, so the British had no choice but to surrender.

What tactic did Filipinos insurgents use to undermine American?

They used guerrilla warfare.

What Filipino insurgents use to undermine American power?

They used guerrilla warfare.

What tactic did insurgents use to undermine American powers?

They used guerrilla warfare.

What were methods used by american revolution?

Spying methods

What was the hit and run strategy that George Washington used during the American revolution Why did he choose this method of fighting?

that was when George Washington would fight for awhile and then retreat. he did this countless times which is mostly why he won the Revolution, cause if they had just had a huge battle they deffinently would have lost.