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life in the goldfeilds was very unfair and harsh.

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Q: How was life in the gold fields?
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What is the population of Gold Fields?

Gold Fields's population is 2,010.

What is Gold Fields's population?

The population of Gold Fields is 49,715.

When was Fields of Gold created?

Fields of Gold was created in 1993-03.

Were men on the gold fields part of the gold fields?

i think that men were on the goldfields

When was Consolidated Gold Fields created?

Consolidated Gold Fields was created in 1887.

How did the miners get to the gold fields?

gold miners got to the fields by covered wagon's,or by horse.

What is the symbol for Gold Fields Limited in the NYSE?

The symbol for Gold Fields Limited in the NYSE is: GFI.

How was life dangerous for kids in gold fields?

it was dangerous for kids on the gold field because if you were playing in the bush and got bit by a snake there were no proper medical suplise

When did the Chinese arrive at the gold fields what date did they arrive?

the chinese arrived at the australian gold fields in 1853

Why did the Chinese come to the gold fields?

to get there share in gold

Who came to the gold fields and how?

it was me

What was life lke for settlers on the gold fields?

If you are asking about the California gold rush life was not good. Food was expensive, they wet and dirty all the time, they died of sickness and accidents, and more went home broke or dead.