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Answer this questio Use of social media n…

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This is the correct @pex answer :) (The answer he gave is: Use of social media)
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it allowed for very rapid communication to large numbers of people - correct answer
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i dont know


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Q: How was the Egyptian revolution of 2011 most different from earlier revolutions elsewhere in the world?
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When was the Egyptian revolution?


When did the Egyptian revolution occur?


Is the Egyptian revolution good?

That is a matter of opinion.

Who was the leader of 1919 Egyptian revolution?

There was no specific individual leader of the 1919 Egyptian Revolution. However, Saad Zaghlul, a leader of the Wafdt or delegate party, was a major contributor to the revolution. He, along with other members of the Wafdt party, was the first to request independence from Britain. This led to his exile, which sparked the Egyptian Revolution of 1919.

Where were the Arab spring revolutions successful and where were they not?

The Egyptian, Libyan, Yemeni, and Tunisian Revolutions were all successful. The only major failure in the arab spring was the Bahrain revolt. The Syrain conflict is currently ongoing.

What colours does an Egyptian flag have?

The main colors of the Egyptian flag are red, white and black. This dates back to the Egyptian Revolution of 1952.

When did the Egyptian revolution begin?

On January 25, 2011.

What happened on January 25 2011?

Egyptian revolution.

What are the release dates for TEDTalks - 2006 Wael Ghonim Inside the Egyptian Revolution?

TEDTalks - 2006 Wael Ghonim Inside the Egyptian Revolution was released on: USA: March 2011

How did the Renaissance rediscovery of the work Egyptian astronomer ptolemy help start the scientific revolution?

The Scientific Revolution started because current scientific theories would not explain what the Egyptian astronomer Ptolemy found. This lead to the advancement of a Scientific Revolution to study of his ideas.

Why is the Egyptian revolution one of a kind?

because it is the first revelotion that they clean the street after it

What are some big events that happened over summer 2011?

Egyptian Revolution!