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All weapons had to be laid down near the temple, making Mecca a safe and peaceful place to do business.

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Q: How was the city of Mecca made safe during trading?
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What feature made mecca a weathly city?

trade routes made mecca a wealthy city

How many omras did prophet mohamed acomplished?

An umrah is a pilgrimage to Mecca by Muslims. Muhammad was born in the city of Mecca, this being the reason that it is the city to which the pilgrimage is made.

What did mansa musa want to do in mecca?

He made a pligrimmage to Mecca, the Muslim holy city.

Why Mecca is important?

Mecca is a city of Muslim/Islam as an important and official religion. Islam prophet had an imortant part of mecca Mecca is the direction for prayer. --- Mecca is important in religious history. It is said that one son of Abraham is father of Jews, other one is father of Arabs, god made water rise for the Arab one in mecca.

What 2 things made mecca such an such important city?

1. Mecca being an important trade route which gave way to immense wealth to the people of Mecca.2. Mecca was the most important place of worship for all of Arabia. People from all around the Arabian Peninsula would gather in Mecca, at the Ka'abah bringing gifts and offerings to pay their homage.

What is the holy city for the followers of Islam?

The Holy City for Muslims is Mecca. Why? Because Mecca contains the Ka'ab, which the Muslims pray toward and should walk seven times around it once in their lifetime. For History, I made a model of the Ka'ab out of cardboard. Such a fascinating box.

What geography feature made Makkah a wealthy city?

Mecca became wealthy because it was the place where all Muslims from all over the world converged for pilgrimage. Mecca is a Holy city in Saudi Arabia.

What did clans provide for the Bedouins?

Security and support are the 2 main things clans provided, they also traveled, ate, traded, (in large trading centers such as mecca) and made pilgramages together.

What was the major problem or issue when islam began?

the leaders of mecca did not want islam and forced Muslims and and made business sanctions for them and forced them to live out of city with no food and business and tried to keep isolated from people of mecca.

Why was Mecca an important city for Arabs on the Arabian Peninsula before Islam?

Mecca was an important religious center as well a trading center.It was located along the trade routes in western Arabia. Mecca is the most important city in Islam. It is the destination of those who make the Hajj pilgrimage every year, which is one of the basic 5 pillars of Islam. It houses the Grand Mosque and the Kaaba Shrine and is the home to the prophet Muhammad. Mecca today is also an important trading center.

How do the holy city mecca look like in ad 660?

Well even then, it held great significance for the Arab people. It was a trading town that held the worship center of many different tribes. It was basically a desert trading town. There were lots of people from all over the peninsula as well as from other parts of the world. The houses were basic desert houses made of dirt. There were lots of shops where the traders sold their wares. Weapons were not allowed in the city because of its holiness. Overall, it was an oasis of sorts in the desert.

What cities are pilgrimages made to?

Mecca or Jerusalem