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The washing machine was invented in 1851, so by machine.

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Q: How was washing clothes done in the 20th century?
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What are three famous examples of eugenics?

I can't think of 3 specific examples, however most countries in and around the 19-20th centuries had some sort of eugenics-style program. To be clear, eugenics is the practice of institutionalized mating of people for the purposes of "improving the race". This can be done by encouraging certain types of people to have children (as an example, trying to create more scientists by giving scientists who have kids a thousand dollars) or by legally or physically preventing someone from having children. Patients in mental asylums all over the world were routinely sterlized, as were people with physical defects, alcoholics, criminals and others. Even the US engaged in such practices up until the turn of the 20th century. However, the most famous example of large scale eugenics was the NAZI eugenics program where not only were criminals, minorities, the insane, the physically or mentally challenged, alcoholics, and others sterlized, but the S.S was in the process of creating a breeding farm where approved "Aryan" women would be expected to have intercourse with approved "Aryan" men (usually high ranking members of the S.S, but also others as well), give birth and repeat it all over again.

The method of self announcement is frequently done in small towns?

The method of self-announcement is frequently done IN SMALL TOWNS.

Can a pardon be revoked?

no once a pardon is granted noone in any office can ask any questions whats done is done

Garbage collection in the Middle Ages was often done by .?

Garbage collection in the Middle Ages was often done by roaming animals.

How is the document called the Sentiments of Independence like the Declaration of Independence?

Both list wrongs that had been done to people

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What is the difference between washing clothes at home and washing by dry cleaning?

Washing at home is done using water and detergent. Dry cleaning uses chemicals to remove dirt. Washing is much safer than dealing with lots of chemicals.

What is being done with the conventional aircraft carriers that have been decommissioned?

During the 20th century, they were re-cycled (scrapped). 21st century, some are being sunk as artificial reefs.

What is laundry department?

A laundry department is where the washing gets done in hotels such as the bed linen and if guests would like to have their clothes washed, ironed or just pressed

Does a washing machine clean clothes better than washing by hand?

yes. a hundred times better. Actually not necessarily. Washing by hand works extremely well if done properly. In fact, a company named Dyson in the UK actually designed a washing machine which better imitates the hand washing action to get the clothes cleaner. People tend to assume that just because something is automatic it works better, but this is not always true. Washing by hand does a much better job of flexing the fabric. Of course, it's a lot more work too.

What year is the third century?

The first century covered the years from 1 to 100, (no year zero). The second from 101 to 200. So the third century would be the years from 201 to 300. The 20th century really ended at the end of the year 2000, although the celebration was really done at the start of that year.

Can you write a 3 syllable word in two syllables?

This was sometimes done in poetry, mainly in that written before the 20th century. For example, "nevermore" may be written "ne'ermore". Is that what you are thinking of?

What did women do in the 17th century for entertainment?

They used to sew, knit & wash clothes by hand. They also used to brew their own whiskey called "GOTA". Needless to say the whiskey took a hold on everyone & that is why there was not much sewing, knitting or clothes washing done at any stage. Everyone was falling around from the effects of the whiskey & an odd fight broke out as well. Back then this behaviour was considered entertainment but nowadays one would be locked up for it.

What is the difference between medical and surgical handwashing?

Medical hand washing is washing of the hands after examining a patient so as to prevent infection. Surgical hand washing is done before carrying out any surgical procedures. It usually involves changing in to theatre clothes and scrubbing the hands up to the elbows with antiseptics like Iodine and chlorhexidine, and after drying putting on sterile gowns and gloves before starting the operation

When do you load the clothes into washing machine?

Okay people, here is how you load a washing machine, *Turn the washing machine on, *Put the recommended amount of detergent in, *put your clothes in - unfold and turn clothing inside out - do not overfill the machine *close the lid. DONE!!! Another This is my procedure for a top loading machine: Turn on, add appropriate amount of soap powder/detergent, start water until powder dissolves, add laundry then continue water to fill, close lid & start wash/rinse cycle.

What is hand washing?

Hand washing is the act of cleaning one's hands with soap and water to remove dirt, germs, and potential infections. It is a simple yet effective way to prevent the spread of diseases and maintain good personal hygiene. It is recommended to wash hands regularly, especially before handling food, after using the restroom, and when in contact with sick individuals.

How did people in the 20th Century make art?

Things haven't changed all that much in 13 years; art is done in very much the same way. There may be more computer techniques than there were then.

What research has been done on post-traumatic stress disorder?

Research conducted in the late 20th century suggests that PTSD sufferers undergo neurological and physiological changes stemming from altered brain activity.