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Some do it very well and present their case in a logical manner. Others are less erudite.

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Q: How well do politicians make their arguments?
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What are the arguments for term limits What are the arguments against term limits How do you feel about this issue?

Term limits have been proposed because for the most part people do not like career politicians. The solution is to simply vote them out of office. Another thing that might help is to make illegal the gerrymandering of districts so politicians cannot rework the districts in the favor of their political party.

1 What were the arguments of the military politicians diplomats scientists and moralists regarding the decision to drop the atomic bomb?


When was Make Politicians History created?

Make Politicians History was created in 1984.

When did Make Politicians History end?

Make Politicians History ended in 2009.

How do political debates between politicians help inform citizens about laws?

Citizens can hear arguments from both sides of an issue.

Make a sentence with the word 'acrimonious' and include context clues?

The acrimonious debate between the two politicians left the audience feeling uncomfortable due to the bitterness and hostility in their arguments.

Reason for politicians posing with other politicians?

To make other politicans look bad

Should politicians have limits?

You bet they should and so should the Presidency and the Premiers and politicians in Canada as well.

What statement is true about internet and politicians?

Politicians can use the internet to make campaigning more personal.

How can you make the earth a better place to live?

You cannot make it a better place. It is the only place we can live. You can, however, make it a worse place. But there is no need to worry about that. Politicians are on the job, and doing very well at it.

What are the ethical and environmental arguments for vegetarianism?

Vegetarians resort to ethical and environmental arguments as well when supporting their food choices.

What is the goal of politics and politicians?

to fight for people's well-being