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they were made by hand painstakingly by men which took forever and it was realy slow and time consuming

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Q: How were automobiles made before the assembly line?
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The development of what industry was most responsible for advances in mass production?

Many people would say that the automobile industry in the United States was most responsible for advances in mass production. The key was in the thinking of Henry Ford. In order to make automobiles more affordable, his factories used the "assembly line" approach to make his cars. The workmen were assigned a specific job to do as each car was run along an assembly line. Instead of cars being "hand made" so to speak, they were made by the description of above. The end result was a less expensive car. This idea was then used for other manufacturing industries.

What world assembly is made up of countries around the world?

The United Nations (UN) is an assembly made up of 195 countries from around the world that was formed after WWII

How did Henry Ford make car manufacturing more efficient?

He brought mass production to the assembly lineHe brought mass production to the assembly line by using a conveyor belt so that as the car was brought down the conveyor belt, the car would be put together peice by piece.

Who was the athenian reformer who made the assembly a genuine legislature?


How did the assembly line affect production?

The Assembly line was first introduced in early 1900's and changed America like no previous invention. The Assembly line was the beginning of what we called the Industrial age which was invented by Henry Ford. The assembly line changed the way society thought. It caused a chain of events that helped create the world we live in today. As more and more companies realized that the assembly line was faster and more cost efficient, a huge demand for employees was created to man the lines. Workers could work more efficiently when they repeated same tasks over and over. The assembly line helped to mass produce cars through sections of workers which made cars more popular and changed transportation forever. The man who wanted to do this was Henry Ford. He wanted to create a car for not just the rich but the common people as well. He viewed the future with everyone possessing cars, he was correct as more and more people started buying cars changing the way America worked. It helped create faster delivery of goods and services because doctors, mail carriers, and small businesses owners could afford Model T. Henry Ford's invention also indirectly helped win World War II. The assembly lines methods were being used by almost everyone by World War II as all industries were using the methods to turn out massive amounts of material. The U.S. could produce anything from shell casings to combat boots at rates that neither the Germans nor the Japanese thought would ever be possible. Henry Ford had left a lasting legacy that is still greatly appreciated today, as he changed and changes the lives of many Americans. The way of transportation we used today is the staple in mostly every ones lives. The machine that created this success is the assembly line.

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Who developed the assembly line method of production of automobiles?

Ford made the assembly line for his cars.

The invention of the assembly line made automobiles .?

Less Expensive

The invention of the assembly line made automobiles what?

More affordable to the public.

The invention of the assembly line made automobiles do what?

The invention of the assembly line made mass production of the automobile possible without requiring specially trained workers.

Why was the assembly line that Henry made so important?

Because that was the invention that made it quick and easy to mass produce automobiles

What methods made it possible to mass-produce automobiles?

the assembly line. each person had one specific job, then they pass it to another person

The use of the assembly line to manufacture automobiles allowed Henry Ford?

The establishment of the assembly line in the manufacturing of automobiles allowed Henry Ford to produce cars more rapidly and at a lower cost than any other automobile company. This lower cost made owning a car less expensive to many Americans. It placed the Ford corporation at the lead in the US automobile industry.

How did Henry Ford change automobile manufacturing?

He came up with assembly line manufacturing where one person would do one thing and make a car on an assembly line, piece by piece. This allowed more autos to be made faster and cheaper, so the average person could afford them. Before Henry Ford, a crafts person would make an automobile by hand, and it took longer, and was more expensive, and only the rich could afford them. Mass production allowed the masses to own automobiles.

When was the Henry Ford assembly line made?

The assembly line for Henry ford model T car was made in December 1913.

Is the assembly line relevant today?

Yes. Cars and other items are still made using an assembly line.

Who was the first user of assembly line technology?

ford as in ford automotive in detriot he made the assembly line famous.

How was the Assembly line made and by who?

I don't no how it was made but it was made by Henry Ford.