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What is a jury?

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Q: How were cases resolved before jury systems emerged?
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Can the Indiana Supreme Court decide a case based upon facts identical to those in a case before the Illinois Court of Appeals?

Yes, they MAY choose to follow IL's precedent. However, since they are both separate court systems of individual states, they may or may not follow one another's precedents in deciding cases, even if the situations of the cases is identical.

Which amendments we ignored?

The amendments are not ignored. They are used daily in court and cases that come before the Supreme Court.

What cases is the President able to grant a pardon in?

The president of the United States is not allowed to grant pardons in cases of impeachment. The president can grant pardons in other cases though.

Which lawyer argued the most cases before the US Supreme Court?

Some of the records are suspect, but the five men believed to have argued the most cases before the US Supreme Court are: Walter Jones (1776-1861)......................317 cases Daniel Webster (1782-1852)...................185 cases (won ~ half) Lawrence Wallace (unknown)..................157 cases John Williams Davis (1873-1955)............140 cases Erwin Nathaniel Griswold (1904-1994).....111 (estimate) I could find no record of wins and losses. Walter Jones and Daniel Webster both lived in era when there were few lawyers capable of arguing before the Supreme Court, whether due to experience, knowledge, education, travel restrictions, or other issues. Lawrence Wallace argued all 157 cases during his 35-year career as US Solicitor General. John Williams Davis was US Solicitor General for 3 years, but argued most of his cases as a private attorney for large corporations. Erwin Griswold was US Solicitor General for 6 years, from 1967-1973. During a Senate hearing in 1972, he estimated having argued approximately 100 cases, to-date, in his official capacity. Literature indicates he argued at least 11 more cases while in private practice. Griswold, who was Dean of Harvard University for many years, has been described as having argued more cases before the US Supreme Court than anyone else in the 20th century; however, none of the accounts state a specific number.

What does unterminated in court cases mean?

It means the case is open and that the filings will be reviewed before a court. They have not come to a decision. They have not dismissed any motions filed.

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Court cases that begin in a state court system are usually resolved in which court system?

Cases that begin in the state court system are usually resolved in the state court system, many being disposed by plea bargains before they get to trial. Only a tiny fraction of cases that begin in a state judiciary are appealed or removed to the federal judiciary.

Where do most federal cases originate?

Yes, that is the level at which most federal cases are first introduced.

Does the funeral bill get paid before anything else during probate in Illinois?

It is a valid debt of the estate and must be paid. In many cases a will names that as an immediate debt to be resolved.

What are most criminal cases resolved by?

A plea of guilty - usually to a lesser offense.

Who is responsible for case involving copyright violations?

Most copyright cases are handled in civil court (or even resolved before they reach court at all), but extreme, systemic infringement can be brought to higher courts and even receive criminal penalties such as jail time.

Who is responsible for copyright violations cases?

Most copyright cases are handled in civil court (or even resolved before they reach court at all), but extreme, systemic infringement can be brought to higher courts and even receive criminal penalties such as jail time.

It is estimated that about 90 percent of state district court cases are resolved under a?

plea bargain.

What percentage of criminal cases are resolved by plea bargaining process?

Approximately 90-95% of criminal cases in the United States are resolved through plea bargaining, where the defendant agrees to plead guilty in exchange for a lesser sentence or charges being reduced or dropped.

Are plea bargining becoming increasingly rare especially in urban court systems?

It is false that plea bargaining is becoming increasingly rare, especially in urban court systems. A plea bargain is also referred to as a plea agreement.

What happens to most criminal and civil cases?

Most criminal cases result in a plea bargain or trial verdict, while civil cases often settle out of court. Ultimately, the outcome depends on the available evidence, legal arguments, and decisions made by the parties involved.

What are cases under katarungang pambarangay in the Philippines?

Cases under katarungang pambarangay in the Philippines include disputes relating to property rights, boundary disagreements, neighborhood quarrels, and small claims involving amounts below a certain threshold. These cases are typically resolved through mediation or arbitration by the barangay's lupong tagapamayapa before being elevated to higher courts if a settlement is not reached.

What is involved in protecting your rights to original works?

Works of sufficient originality are automatically protected as soon as they are fixed in a tangible medium. Formal registration is also available in some countries (such as the US) which allows additional awards in infringement cases; however the vast majority of cases are resolved long before they would go to court.