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They were appointed by different states legislators.

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Q: How were deputies to the Constitutional Convention chosen?
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How were representatives to the Constitutional Convention chosen?

By the legislatures of the different state. Each state government chose their representatives to the Constitutional Convention

Presiding officer at the constitutional convention at philadelphia?

George Washington presided over the Constitutional Convention. He was chosen unanimously. The convention occurred from May 25 to September 17, 1787.

What group was responsible for the creation of the us government?

The Constitutional Convention

What is the average age of the constitutional deputies?


In Philadelphia in 1787 a hero of the American Revolution was chosen to preside over the Constitutional Convention Who was he?


Who was selected to lead the Constitutional Convention?

John Adams was chosen as the head of the Constitution Congress.

Why were the delegates of Constitutional Convention chosen?

Delegates meet at that Constitutional Convention to amend the Articles of Confederation.

How many delegates were at the constitutional convention when the constitution was being formed?

74 delegates from 12 different states were chosen but 55 actually attended the convention

When was the Constitutional Convention held?

The Constitutional Convention began on May 25, 1787 and ended on September 17.The Constitutional Convention is also known as the Federal Convention, the Philadelphia Convention, and the Constitutional Convention of 1787.

What was the meeting in Philadelphia in may of 1787?

The Constitutional Convention, where the modern day Constitution for the United States was written.

What plan for the Constitutional Convention was bicameral?

The Constitutional Convention?

The Constitutional Convention gave the job of choosing a chief executive to?

electors chosen by the state :)tr678yu9iop[