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hamilton history?

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Q: How were nobles and the chruch obstacles for monarchs who wanted more power?
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How were the nobles and the church obstacles for monarchs who wanted more power?

Many old noble families were so wealthy that their influence rivaled that of the monarch. The Church controlled great wealth also.

Was King Louis XVI against the revolution?

Yes he was. The revolutionaries wanted a republic, but of course that was not possible as long as they had monarchs, and therefore were a monarchy. To truly be a republic, the revolutionaries needed to get rid of their monarchs. Since King Louis XVI was a monarch, he was therefore against this revolution.

What was the job of nobles in ancient Egypt?

Nobles collected taxes and supervised the preperation of the king's tomb.They were the overseers of the land. They were always related to the pharaoh.

What was the reason spanish nobles wanted Columbus voyage to succeed?

Spanish nobles wanted Columbus' voyage to succeed because they wanted a new and quicker sea route to Asia, and they wanted to gain riches, such as gold and spices.

What do nobles do as a job?

he was not the person i wanted lol lamfo

How did monarchs promote nationalism?

They didn't. It was the last thing they wanted.

Otto you wanted to rid Germany of the control of nobles and asked the for help?

Otto you wanted to rid Germany of the control of nobles and asked the who for help? FML Roman Catholic Church

What were Abraham Lincoln's obstacles?

People who wanted to kill him.

What did monarchs hope to gain by supporting exploration?

They Sapported Explorations Beacause They Wanted Goods.

In the real thing when the monarchs first enter the artists studio what did he think they wanted?

In the Real Thing, when the monarchs first entered the artists studio, he thought they were fellow victims.

French nobles resisted Necker's financial reforms because?

He wanted to tax their income.

What obstacles faced women and African American who wanted an education?

It would