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Q: How were the buffalo reduced from 15 million to less than a thousand?
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Why were colonial boycotts effective before the Revolutionary War?

cause it pissed the british off that they werent getting their moneyWell, they didn't want to pay the British during the Revolutionary War because it be a waste. They used it for themselves and British didn't gain any money so they were in great debt, and they eventually lost like a slow debt.

How many citizens pay taxes in the US?

According to Google, as of 2007 there are 138 million US citizens that pay taxes. Considering that the census bureau projects that there are approximately now 305,714,761 people in the US I don't think that's really accurate. That would make less than half the population in the US paying taxes.

How much money does the US mint print?

I believe that it is based on the supply and demand of the currency at the time, this way you can control inflation and regulate the supply of money and the new issuance of it and credit, tho, what has happened is that there is no regulation so, were just printing away, as the dollar is becoming worth less and less..... Zomg, Member when hamburger's were 10 cents.

What were the original 12 amendments submitted to be ratified?

The original proposed "Bill of Rights", debated and rejected at the constitutional convention included 12 articles of enumeration. The original first amendment dealt with congressional size based on population. It read as follows: "...there shall be one Representative for every thirty thousand, until the number shall amount to one hundred, after which the proportion shall be so regulated by Congress, that there shall be not less than one hundred Representatives, nor less than one Representative for every forty thousand persons, until the number of Representatives shall amount to two hundred; after which the proportion shall be so regulated by Congress, that there shall not be less than two hundred Representatives, nor more than one Representative for every fifty thousand persons." The original 2nd amendment dealt with compensation. It read as follows: "No law, varying the compensation for the services of the Senators and Representatives, shall take effect, until an election of Representatives shall have intervened." It was ratified in 1992 and is now the 27th amendment to the Constitution. -- It should be noted that the "Bill of Rights" were not included in the constitution passed during the constitutional convention. Several delegates argued that by limiting the powers of the federal government if any powers were not specifically limited, the federal government would assume itself free to regulate those that were not included. At the behest of anti-federalists and others such as George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson (in France with his oldest daughter during the convention), the "Bill of Rights" as we now know it was passed by the first congress in 1789 and subsequently ratified by the states.

In comparision with citizens in European democraciesamericans are less likely to?

Less Likely To Participate in Community Activities

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What is the biggest number that is more than thousand but less than a million?

hundred thousands

Is a millennium the same as more than or less than a million?

A millennium is one thousand years.

What will be left from 750000 thousand minus one million?

1 thousand = 1,000 1 million = 1,000,000 750,000 thousand - 1 million = 750,000 × 1,000 - 1,000,000 = 750,000,000 - 1,000,000 = 749,000,000 = 749,000 × 1000 = 749000 thousand.

How many millions does two-hundred and seventy thousand equal?

270,000 is less than a million. It would be 0.27 (27/100) of a million-- around a quarter million.

Is ten thousand million ten billion?

In the more widely used system originating in the United States, 10,000,000,000, or ten thousand million, is equal to ten billion.In the system used uncommonly in the United States, and less and less commonly in the United Kingdom, but still used widely over Continental Europe, ten billion is equal to 10,000,000,000,000, or ten million million.

Does multiplication by a positive number makes positive numbers larger?

Not necessarily. For example, if you multiply one million by 0.001 (which is a positive number), you get a thousand, which is less than a million.

How many times less is hundred thousand than a million?

Since the question is how many 'times' the answer is: Ten times and not 900,000! As per the decimal system, One hundred thousand = 100,000 One million = 100,000 x 10 = 10,00,000

60078091 is equal to?

Sixty million, seventy-eight thousand, ninety-one.

How much is a trillion?

Under the current "short scale" of numeration, a "trillion" is one thousand billion or 1012. (The superceded "long scale" used names that increased by a factor of one million, making the old billion 1012 and the old trillion 1018.)

How do you write the standard form of the number which is 1000000 less than five million three hundred twelve thousand eight hundred?


Which number is 10000 less than 4066211?

4066211 − 10000 = 4056211 (four million, fifty-six thousand, two hundred and eleven)

What comes after hundred million UK?

That will depend on what amounts you are jumping in. So you could say a hundred million and one. If you were jumping in a decimal value, it would be less than that. If you are talking in terms of powers of 10, then it would be a thousand million.