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Nathanael Greene was forced to march south and attack the redcoats. Greene brought 600 soldiers with him.

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Q: How were the colonists able to reverse british advances in the south?
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Where did Dutch colonists and later British colonists first live when they began settling in South Africa?

Answer this question… The Cape Colony

Where did the British hope to finally defeat the colonists?

The British hoped to defeat the Americans in the South before French help could arrive.

How did neutral colonists react after british forces started losing in the South?

They began supporting the Patriots

How did neutral colonists react after British forces started losing battles in south?

They began supporting the Patriots

Which rider makes it through South Bridge to warn the colonists in Concord that the British are coming?

William Dawson

What was the main reason that the colonists were protesting?

The fundamental reason the colonists revolted was taxation without representation.

What war was Breaker Morant involved in?

The Boer War, between the British and the Boers (Dutch colonists) in South Africa.

What caused the British to invade the south?

The British thought that the south would be more more willing to submit to British rule due to the fact that roughly half of the population was employed by the British government besides that it was easier to attack due to its proximity to British bases in the Caribbean.

How did the British try to control the south?

With France in the war and the northern army defeated, the British looked to the South to regain the upper hand. In order to win in the South, they planned get loyal colonists to fight for them. They also offered slaves freedom if they would fright for the British. The tide of war was turning in favor of the Americans.; idk if it worked....- apex

How did the wars move to the south effect the relationships between loyalist and Patriots?

One cause of the Revolution was the colonists' resentment of British mercantilism. Parliament passed laws to discourage the colonists from developing their own manufacturing and to force them to buy British goods. Slavery was another issue. ChaCha!

Who did Britain expect to win the Revolutionary war in the south?

The British employed German mercenaries to help win the Revolutionary War. They also believed that they were capable of dispatching of the colonists, however they were unprepared for the guerrilla warfare tactics the colonists used.

When did South Sudan obtain its independence from its colonists?

South Sudan obtained its independence from its colonists in July 9, 2011.