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President Nixon hired a group of shady individuals known as 'The Plumbers,' to carry out his illegal activities. While they were initially hired to get to the bottom of press leaks, they eventually ended up involved in the Watergate Scandal that led to Nixon's resignation.

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Q: How were the plumbers connected to president Nixon?
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Which president is associated with the White House Plumbers?

Nixon is the answer. These "plumbers" were part of the Watergate Affair which was Nixon's undoing.

What president was associated with the White house plumbers?

These fellows were part of the Watergate scandal that caused Richard Nixon to resign.

What was the White House unit called that was used for covert missions by Nixon?

The unit was called the White House Plumbers. It was formed during President Nixon's administration to investigate and respond to leaks of classified information and carry out covert operations to protect the administration's interests. The Plumbers were involved in the Watergate scandal, which eventually led to Nixon's resignation.

Why were Nixon aides called the plumbers?

The Plumber's were a group of ex- CIA and FBI agents that Nixon hired to dig up dirt on his opponents or enemies. In 1972, Nixon and the plumbers began to secretly dig up dirt on democrats for the upcoming election. They called this the Committee to Reelect the President, or "CREEP"

Was the secret special unit created to keep leaks of information from getting to the public during Nixon's presidency.?

"The White House Plumbers" or just "the Plumbers." They were called the Plumbers because they fixed leaks.

Who was the president when the Watergate scandal was uncovered?

Richard M. Nixon was the President implictated in the Watergate Scandal.

In response to the publication of the pentagon papers nixon approved?

plan to organize the Plumbers

When was the Nixon watergate?

What was to become known as the Watergate scandal began June 17th, 1972 with the arrest of 5 "plumbers" burglarizing the Democratic headquarters at the Watergate Hotel.The "plumbers" were shown to have been paid from a slush fund attached to the Committee to RE Elect the President (CREEP).After 2 years of investigation evidence was uncovered linking the President directly with the attempted cover up and Richard Nixon resigned rather than face impeachment.

What did Nixon do as the evidence mounted against him?

He approved a plan to organize the Plumbers.

What president said this country needs good farmers good businessmen and good plumbers?

Richard M. Nixon in his farewell address at the White House on August 9, 1974. (from MSN Encarta)

Who was President Nixon?

Gerald Ford replaced Nixon when he resigned his office.

Which member of the Nixon administration was part of the group of plumbers that investigated government leaks?

G.Gordon Liddy