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All delegates rejected Parliament's authority to tax colonies, but only a few actually wanted independence.

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They were not always in agreement, but were open to compromise.

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some wanted to be with Britain, some wanted to prepare for war

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Q: How would the opinions of delegates to the second continental congress be best characterized?
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How does congress impact your life?

As the branch of the government which makes and passes laws, levies taxes, as well as declares war, Congress impacts us more than any other part of the federal system. Our elected members of Congress are to represent our opinions, and vote for legislation that will be benefit us, and against that which does not. If they fail to do so, we have the ability, through the voting process, to replace them with someone else who will fulfill the goal.

What does the president do when he is chief legislator?

Although only Congress has the actual power to make laws, the president (chief legislator) can voice his/her own ideas and opinions to Congress while they draft legislation. The President does this through speeches, promoting his/her agenda and by meeting with Congress to discuss policy.

What is the lasting effect of majority opinions?

The minority opinions of today might be the majority opinions of tomorrow so it's good to let your opinions be heard for the future.

What are the four main criticisms of congress?

there are many criticisms of congress. and as long as there is a body of power at all, there will be criticisms. but out of the many aimed at congress, two stand out among the rest. Pork-Barrel spending and Interest groups being misused. i wouldn't know enough about either to justify giving you specifics, but you can look these two things up and find out many differing opinions on both subjects.

Why did the south fall behind the north in terms of congress?

Mainly because the North was able to come together and make a singular government that united them all. The South, on the other hand, was mainly run by wealthy plantation owners who all had differing opinions.

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How would the opinions of delegates to the second continental congress best be characterized?

They were not always in agreement, but were open to compromise.

When voicing their opinions to the second continental congress delegates were?

far from unified but were open to compromise

When voicing their opinions to the second continental congress delegates were what?

completely at odds and failed to come to a consensus

Were opinions unified or divided in Continental Congress?

There were those in the Continental Congress that wanted to stay a part of Great Britain. It took the events of the Boston Massacre and the writing of the Declaration of Independence to change some of the members.

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In my opinion, no, but there are countering opinions.

When a member of congress voted as a delegate he or she?

represents the opinions of the voters of the state

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