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The political would have more strength int the government.

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Q: How would the spoils system affect a political party?
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How would spoils system affect a political party?

The political would have more strength int the government.

How would the spoils system affect the political party?

The political would have more strength int the government.

Who is given the political jobs in the spoils system?

Party Loyalty -Brey

President Andrew Jackson used the spoils system to?

provide jobs to political party supporters

How did reformers try to change the spoils system?

When a political party comes to power, its leaders tend to place many of their faithful followers into important public offices. The use of public offices as rewards for political party work is known as the Spoils System.

The firing of public employees of a defeated political party and their replacement with loyalists of the victorious political party is called the?

The correct answer is Spoils System PLATO (D)

What does the spoils system refer to?

The spoils system refers to a practice in which once a political party wins an election, it rewards its voters with government jobs. This is also referred to as patronage system.

In politics what is the spoils system?

The spoils system refers to the practice where a political party, after being elected, gives government jobs to its campaign workers as a reward. It is in contrast to the merit system, where government positions are filled on the basis of merit, independent of political activity.

How does the spoils system worked?

A spoils system is when a president replaces people on government, and hire people that will agree with your political stands. AKA your friends, and so forth.

What advantages did the spoils system have over the merit system?

The spoils system allowed the winning political party to reward its supporters with government jobs, which helped build party loyalty and support. It also allowed for more rapid turnover of government positions to ensure fresh ideas and perspectives. However, the spoils system led to corruption, inefficiency, and less qualified individuals holding important government roles.

The spoils system made political parties more powerful by?

Filling important government positions with party supporters.

The basic concept underlying the spoils system?

party workers must be rewarded with political office after a successful campaign.