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You need to do this question.We don't do homework and your teacher is looking for your critical thinking skills and how well you understood the lesson.

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Q: How would you characterizes C.J. Stryver?
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Which of these traits best characterizes CJ Stryver?


What word LEAST characterizes C.J. Stryver?

"Compassionate" would least characterize C.J. Stryver. He is depicted as ambitious, arrogant, and self-centered in his actions and interactions with others.

What were CJ Stryver and Sydney Carton drinking while they were talking?


Which of these descriptions LEAST characterize CJ Stryver?

hes was a bashful man

Who met with CJ Stryver and tried to convince him not to marry Lucie?

jarvis lorry

Which trait best characterizes CJ Styver in a tale of two cities?

CJ Stryver in "A Tale of Two Cities" is characterized as ambitious and arrogant. He is depicted as a successful barrister who is determined to climb the social ladder, often by taking credit for the work of others. His relentless pursuit of success and lack of compassion for others define his character in the novel.

Who was CJ Stryver in tale of two citys?

C.J. Stryver is a character in Charles Dickens' novel "A Tale of Two Cities." He is a lawyer who works with Sydney Carton at Mr. Lorry's firm and is known for his arrogance and ambition. Stryver is depicted as selfish and opportunistic, contrasting with Carton's selfless and sacrificial nature.

In a tele of two cities what did cj stryver tell sydney carton?

In "A Tale of Two Cities," C.J. Stryver tells Sydney Carton that he wants to marry Lucie Manette, whom Sydney Carton loves. Stryver is confident that Lucie will accept his proposal and thinks of it as just a matter of business, while Carton knows that his feelings for Lucie are unrequited.

What was the relationship between sydney carton and cj stryver in A Tale of Two Cities?

Sydney Carton and C.J. Stryver were colleagues at the same law firm in A Tale of Two Cities. Stryver was ambitious and saw himself as superior to Carton, who was described as lazy and dissolute. Despite this, Carton ends up sacrificing himself for Stryver by taking his place at the guillotine, showing a complex dynamic between the two characters.

What characters married a rich widow who had three boys in the tale of 2 cities?

Charles Darnay marries Lucie Manette, who is not a rich widow but has been raised by her father Dr. Manette. The character who marries a wealthy widow with three sons is Mr. Lorry.

What name does stryver call carton?

Carton died at the guillotine because he switched places with Darnay. Stryver got married to a rich widow and had 3 kids. I think the question is asking what paths do their lives take, separately and with respect to each other. Stryver is a success, and uses his abilities well. Carton is a failure, though his abilities are greater than Stryver's and he knows it. That is why he works out the strategy for defending Darnay but Stryver is the one who implements it.

What does carton do for stryver in A Tale of Two Cities?

Carton enables Stryver to advance in his career by ghostwriting his legal documents, allowing Stryver to take credit for Carton's work. Carton ensures that Stryver's successes are achieved through Carton's efforts and intelligence.