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everybody did. they wanted to see him make a fool of himself

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Q: IN the book schooled who voted Cap for president?
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Why did cap from the book schooled go to the Halloween dance?

he was the president of the school

How did cap win the role of president from the book schooled?

In the book "Schooled" by Gordon Korman, Cap won the role of president by unknowingly implementing a strategy that resonated with his classmates. His genuine kindness, integrity, and unique perspective on leadership qualities endeared him to his peers, leading to his election as class president.

What did Sophie donnelly from the book schooled used to called cap?

In the book "Schooled," Sophie Donnelly used to call Cap, the main character, "Flower Boy."

What role does Hugh play in the book schooled?

Cap's Best Friend

What is the name of the first football players that hit cap in the book schooled?

The name of the first football player to hit cap in the book "Schooled" is Zach Powers. His unconventional and quirky personality makes him a standout character in the story.

In the book Schooled what is the principals name?

In the book "Schooled" by Gordon Korman, the principal's name is Mr. Trent. He plays a significant role in the story as he interacts with the main character, Cap Anderson.

Who is Lorelei from the book schooled?

In the book "Schooled" by Gordon Korman, Lorelei is a girl who initially bullies Cap due to his unconventional ways. However, as the story progresses, she grows to understand and respect Cap's unique perspective on life. Lorelei ultimately becomes one of Cap's friends and supports him in his endeavors.

Who is Naomi from the book Schooled?

Naomi is a character in the book "Schooled" by Gordon Korman. She is the love interest of the protagonist, Cap Anderson, and plays a significant role in helping him navigate the challenges he faces when transitioning from his alternative upbringing to a traditional high school setting. Throughout the story, Naomi provides support and understanding to Cap as he learns to navigate social norms and expectations.

What are the settings the of the book schooled?

The book "Schooled" by Gordon Korman is set in a hippie commune called Garland Farm where Cap Anderson lives with his grandmother, Rain. The story also takes place at Claverage Middle School when Cap is suddenly thrust into the unfamiliar world of public school after his grandmother is hospitalized.

When does the the book schooled take place?

The book "Schooled" by Gordon Korman takes place in modern times, as it was first published in 2007. The story follows a teenage boy named Cap who has been home-schooled on a commune and must navigate the challenges of attending public school for the first time.

What is the book 'Schooled' about?

'Schooled' by Gordon Korman is a novel about a homeschooled boy named Cap who suddenly has to attend public school when his caregiver ends up in the hospital. The story follows Cap's struggles and triumphs as he adapts to middle school life, makes friends, and learns valuable lessons about acceptance and friendship.

In the book schooled did cap come back to live with rain?

yes but only for a day becuase of bisness reasons and Then back again