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Treason generally is the crime of betraying one's country. The severity of something considered treasonous, and the corresponding punishment, varies by jurisdiction.

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Q: If Treason is when someone carries out jurisdiction?
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What sentence can someone who commits treason?

Treason is punishable by death

What does Article III of the Constitution establish?

Defines treason and the rules for punishment if someone is convicted of treason.

Someone who commits treason betrays his or her.?


Who defines treason?

Treason is defined by the ruling body or person of the jurisdiction. It may be the king or queen, it may be the parliament, it may be the president, it may be a senate, it may be a council, and any of numerous other leaderships.

Can the president pardon someone convicted in treason?


What proof is needed to convict someone of treason?

No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two credible witnesses.

The crime of treason cannot be held as?

Treason is when someone gives comfort and aid to enemies of the United States or when they carry out war. The crime of treason cannot be held as corruption of blood.

Are murder and treason the same thing?

not always. murder is the killing of someone, while treason is a crime against your own country. it is treason if you murder the leader of a country or other official

What reasons would someone beheaded for?

Someone could be accused of treason, stealing, or murder.

What would a president have to do to get removed?

treason, and I think killing someone.

What rhymes with seasons?

Treason - arrest of someone because of something they've done.Reasonreason treason freezin' queezin' pleasin' wheezin' a lot more 'in' words

What law is exclusively under federal jurisdiction?

maritime was until 1789 became shared with state ...military is the only plausible answer.Added: the charge of Treason.