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Yes! As long as she is on the lease. This is known as a voucher inheritence. Any family member who lived in the house -- and was on the lease-- when the voucher holder dies can have the voucher transferred to that family member.

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Q: If a husband dies on section 8 can wife get section 8?
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Can my husband live with me if on section 8?

as long as you include him on the contract your husband can live with you in section 8 but if he is not included then no

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When a section 8 participant dies can the section 8 voucher pass down to the child?

Yes it can if the child is 18 or older and they were on the voucher.

When mother dies and child is 8 years old where does the child go?

Her husband or her parents

Where in the Bible does it state husband shall provide for his wife?

I Timothy 5:8

Can I get my wife's mail correspondence if I have section 8 for me only?

What is being asked? You've got two questions going on here. (1) If your wife does not live with you you cannot intercept her mail. (2) On the other hand, I seriously doubt that Section 8 requirements call for the breaking up of families, so your wife would be able to live with you in Section 8 housing.

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Can an estranged spouse be added on to wife's section 8?

Yes, if that spouse meets all criteria.

My son is on Section 8, lives in Oroville, wants to move back to Bay Area Prefers small house, or duplex. This is for him & his wife, also disabled.?

Section 8 is no longer allowing people to move or they will lose their assistance. Since when??? Or is it the town you talking about???

How do you go from Section 8 apartments to getting a Section 8 Voucher?

when your living in your section 8 apartment, you can ask to be on wait list for section 8 voucher.

Is there section 8 in Delaware?

do delaware has section 8