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They'll usually make them hand the weapons over for a refund of what you spent for it

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Q: If an assault weapons ban is passed how will the government deal with the millions that already own them?
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should citizens in US be banned to have assault weapons?

should citizens in usa be banned to have assault weapons

Did Mitt Romney ban assault weapons in Massachusetts?

Mitt Romney does not have the authority to unilaterally ban assault weapons.

Should the Indian government encourage nuclear weapons for the security of the country?

India is already a nuclear power, and they have nuclear weapons on hand. They have already made the decision to "encourage" nuclear weapons, and presumably for increasing their own security.

Will the banning of assault weapons reduce crimes?


Did the assault weapons ban work?

The assault weapons ban worked in that it reduced the number of crimes committed with the banned guns, but it did not reduce crime overall.

Can warhammer 40k space marine assault squads use assault weapons?

yes. they can use any weapons that are allowed in the Codex: Space Marines.

What countries have assault weapon bans and what are their results?

Assault Weapons generally refer to firearms that have a burst or full auto feature. Most countries have such bans, even weapons they think look like assault weapons, and of course many countries ban personal ownership of any weapons. This is very true for countries in which the government does not enjoy the support of the people. The results have meant many governments maintaining control for much longer than they would otherwise. There have been little to no effect on crime because such weapons are very expensive and crime is a cultural matter more than access to knifes or weapons.

What assault weapons start with the letter n?


Should the south African government destroy all its nuclear weapons?

It has already been done. South Africa dismantled its 6 nuclear weapons in 1991.

Can president ban assault weapons by executive order?

No, this would require legislation from Congress. This is because currently there is no law banning assault weapons for an executive order to clarify the scope of.

How do you sell weapons in sas zombie assault 3?

you cant

Why are automatic weapons illegal in the US?

Automatic weapons as we usually think of them are really semi-automatic. That is, you fire one bullet for each trigger pull, and the weapon charges itself with a new bullet automatically. These are not assault weapons, though most politicians think they are. Real automatic weapons will 'spray' out a stream of bullets as long as the trigger is kept pulled. These ARE considered assault weapons. They were outlawed largely because of their use by gangsters who had more firepower with them than the police did. Automatic weapons are pretty dangerous because of all the firepower they emit. The killings that you read about where "Assault" weapons have been used, have NOT used assault weapons, only semi-automatic weapons.