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Q: If everyone casts the same vote the vote is said to be?
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What is the vote called if everyone casts the same vote?


When everyone casts a vote it is said to be what?

the act of casting a vote is an election. Elections are used in democraciesUniversal suffrage.

When does the lieutenant governor casts a vote in the General Assembly?

His vote is counted as the last vote

Who casts the deciding vote when there is a the vote in senate?

The Vice-President, who is President of the Senate, can vote to break a tie vote.

Who casts the vote if the senate is tied?

Vice president

When there is a tie vote in the senate the vice president casts the deciding vote true or false?


Why everyone's vote carries the same parties?

competing political parties

What article and section is the electoral college casts its vote for the president?


What are the release dates for Quincy M-E- - 1976 Death Casts a Vote 3-5?

Quincy M-E- - 1976 Death Casts a Vote 3-5 was released on: USA: 21 October 1977

What is meant by equality of suffrage?

Equality of suffrage means that each eligible individual has an equal right to vote and have their voice heard in elections or decision-making processes, regardless of their background, social status, or other factors. It ensures that every person's vote carries the same weight and is crucial for a fair and democratic society.

What is a split-ticket vote'?

My father always voted for everyone on the ballot who belonged to the same party. I vote a split ticket, which means that I will vote for people on the ballot regardless of party.

Can everyone in Taiwan vote?

everyone over 18 can vote, men and women.