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a legislator or a judge can help them.

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Q: If someone disagrees with a law which of the government will help them?
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What happens if a Florida law disagrees with a federal law?

the californian senators get free pie

What branch of government help to understand the law?

Judicial Branch

Is there a law that states that a person has to help another?

There is no legal law that says that you must help someone. But morally there is an obligation to help a fellow man.

How can someone get a law passed to make unrequested help a felony?

Someone might be able to get a law passed to make help that is not requested a felony if the help causes damage or loss of life to another person.

How is England ruled?

England is no longer ruled by the monarchy. Instead it is ruled by parliament with a prime minister at its head.

What is the Constitution for the US?

The Constitution for the US is a list of rules that was written when the US got its freedom from England and has helped us run our country ever since then. When ever someone disagrees with a law that was passed they take that law to the Supreme Court which looks over that law with the Constitution to see if it agrees with the Constitution.

How can human rights be protected?

Many government do - local police, courts, state agencies, federal agencies. Some special interest groups claim to.

What happens if the president disagrees with a federal law?

No state can constitutionally have a law that conflicts with national laws. However, amendment can be made to the national constitution to make room for a difference so that a state may pass a law. An example can be the state law banning gay marriage. The Constitution bans the federal government from prohibiting freedom of religion, but it also states that the states reserve the right to govern certain aspects of the law at their own discression.

What contributions did the ancient Greeks make to government and law?

idk sorry ask someone else!...

Which of these government bodies decides if someone breaks a law on the county level?

Roanoke County Court

Which of these government bodies decides if someone breaks a law on the state level?

Virginia Supreme Court

What does your government help protect from being used unwisely?