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Not all countries are democratic. The world is filled with many different forms of government and some are good while others aren't.

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Q: If the US Constitution works so well why do all countries not adopt it?
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Do communist countries have constitution?

The awnser is no because ther are no laws in communist countries. Well for government officials that is!

What are the main reasons why the Constitution has worked so well for over 200 years?

because it works

Who influenced the writings of the constitution of many countries including the us?

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Does the confederate constitution contained a provision out lawing international trading of slaves?

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Is the constitution relevant?

The Constitution is incredibly relevant. In the US it still functions as supreme law and is at the center of many debates regarding what rights citizens have and what laws they must follow. Abroad, the Constitution was used as a framework for many newly democratic countries, making it incredibly important for those countries as well.

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Does the us constitution work?

The majority of the time it works very well. The problems that arise are not with the Constitution per se, but with the way in which it is interpreted. Which is one of the reasons the U.S.Surpreme Court is extremely important.

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