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The same circumstances could limit the power as well. The people just need to take back the power from those in charge.

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Q: If the expansion of presidential power has occured because of political events and has been fostered by public opinoon under what circumstances might presidential power be limited?
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What factors fostered the emergence of republican motherhood and the cult of domesticity?

The Colonial housewife contributed to the family income with her chickens and butter money. The factors that fostered the emergence of the republican motherhood were safety and control of some income.

What fostered cooperation between the great powers?

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Why did the hellenic civilization develop the political instutution of the city state or polis?

Cities in Greece began to appear about 800 bce or so. Most of these were located on the ocean, where trade was facilitated by shipping. Cities were proud of their accomplishments, and civic booster ism fostered patriotism to the city. Cities are a lot easier to manage than states are, but they do require a hinterland where farmers and shepherds labor to produce the grain and meat city dwellers need. The function of a city state was to govern itself and its territories, and to protect the people loyal to it. Different types of government were tried - democracy in Athens, oligarchy in Corinth, and a militaristic state in Sparta. These states had different interests, and this produced conflict. For several hundred years Greeks of all persuasions were able to unite in the face of a common foe like Persia, but after the Pellopennesian War this cultural and political unity was destroyed.

Which factor self-interest or idealism was more important in driving American foreign policy in the years 1895-1920?

American ideology went from the once prudent course of action encouraged by the Founding Fathers in terms of involvement in international matters to an ideology that fostered the spread of freedom and democracy around the earth under the Progressive Woodrow Wilson administration.

Why was the Declaration of Independence based on the writings of the enlightenment thinkers?

As Enlightenment spread throughout Europe and the Americas a common link was seen - the need for power to be removed from the select few who had been in the ruling class for generations and give it to the people. Through the Declaration of Independence, America's founders fostered a nation based on the governing body include the thoughts and needs of the little people throughout the country rather than the President and Congress having all the power.

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